Sourcing, Quality Control, Shipping


Product Sourcing

As a Sourcing Agent in China, we take care of the whole process, including.


  • Communicate and understand client’s expectations.
  • Initiating sourcing by short listing potential manufacturers.

  • Qualify the suppliers based on quality, capacity, price and lead time.

  • Negotiate prices, lead time and minimum order quantity.

  • Proforma invoice provided for  client approval. 

  • Develop and evaluate the samples.

  • Complete compliance test for the samples when necessary.

  • Monitor production trial run

  • Follow up manufacturing and conduct QC inspection.

  • Coordinate logistics and deliver products to the client.

Quality Control

We guarantee quality by below actions

  • Establish inspection guidelines per approved samples.
  • Quality control inspectors with highest level of professional skills execute strict quality control procedeures.
  • Visit factory to conduct a pre-shipment inspection.
  • Release official inspection report within 1 working day which includes  pictures and short videos.
  • Conduct inspection for samples or initial production, as per client request.
  • Pull samples from mass production for compliance test, as per client request.
  • Perform container/consignment  loading check which usually includes taking flights to various manufacturer locations through out China.    

Product Sourcing


As a Sourcing Agent in China, we take care of the whole process..

Quality Inspection

Understanding the fact that Quality Inspection is the core step of the whole process, we perform rigorous and meticulous testing of the products.



Handling shipments going out to various destination ports through out the world , we offer options to choose from which usually includes cost effectiveness in comparison to transit times .